Save Your Marriage – Time Is Of The Essence!

Can You Save Your Marriage?

Are you at a point in your life where you’re beginning to question whether or not you can save your marriage? If you are, I want to reassure you that your marriage can be saved, and IS absolutely worth saving… 100% no doubt about it!

Welcome to Marriage IS Worth Saving! I have set this website up to offer help and counsel to those who are struggling in their marriage and are serious about doing something about it.

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I am passionate about the marriage covenant that defines a man and woman as an unique and precious entity. Amidst the onslaught of divorce we see today and the attack on the family and especially on the sanctity of marriage, I believe strongly that we need to do everything within our power to nurture and preserve the most beautiful and intimate of all unions – that of a man and woman in marriage.

No matter where your relationship is, right at this moment, I will tell you openly and honestly that your marriage IS worth saving. One tell-tale sign of how to know if your marriage is worth saving or not is the very fact that you are on this page reading this! You are here because deep down you realize how important your marriage is and that no matter what you have been through with your spouse, you still love her/him; and the very thought of being without her/him leaves you feeling anxious and stressed.

save your marriage

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Whether your marriage is going through some “growing pains,” is in deep trouble and on the brink of breaking up, or perhaps you are even in the middle of a divorce, you have come to the right place. Maybe you are at a point where you feel like you have no choice but to just accept things as they are right now in your relationship – no matter how bad that may be. Perhaps you are contemplating leaving your partner. Or is it that you are the only one who thinks your marriage is worth saving and are committed to doing so but don’t really know where to start?

Do You Want To Save Your Marriage Bad Enough?

How To Know If Your Marriage Is Worth Saving:

Three Critical Questions You Must Answer:

1. Could you leave your partner right now, walk out the door and not look back, with absolutely no regrets? And I mean zero regrets! Take a long hard look at yourself, your partner and your marriage, and write down all the pros and cons you can think of. If you can’t come up with any pros and can think of no valid reasons to stay, then maybe it is time to consider the next step. But take this very seriously. Don’t try to figure things out when you are angry or in a bad mood. Make sure you are calm and are able to logically and reasonably think this through.

2. Are any of your motives purely selfish? This is going to take some serious honesty on your part. You are doing yourself and your marriage no favors if you aren’t completely honest here. Think through, methodically, each and every reason you have for throwing your marriage away. If any of them even hint at a selfish motive, then in my books, it is not a good enough reason. Here is an ancient Chinese proverb that offers a thought-provoking definition of love: “Love is desiring the best for the object of your affection.” That is a very powerful concept… one that sacrifices any and all selfishness. I challenge you to meditate on it while you try to figure out if your marriage is worth saving or not.

save your marriage

3. Have you tried absolutely everything and given 110 percent to trying to fix the problems? Can you genuinely say you have nothing left to give and no more ideas to try? This has nothing to do with your partner. If you are waiting for her/him to make a move or change in some way, you are wasting your time. This is about empowering you. A troubled marriage can be salvaged, even if you are the only one willing to work at it. There is a lot of helpful information available that will give you sound counsel and effective advice to help you turn things around in your marriage, by yourself if need be.

How to know if your marriage is worth saving is a loaded question. But it is a very valid question… one that deserves much thought, soul-searching, and brutal honesty. I challenge you to take the time and go through these 3 steps, several times if you have to. You owe it to yourself and your partner.

I would also encourage you by saying that no matter what kind of crisis you are facing, there is always an answer – you must never give up on your marriage! It is too valuable to throw away. And your spouse is much too precious to lose. With the right understanding and know-how, and a proper attitude and mind-set, any and every marital difficulty can be overcome.

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